Monday, October 27, 2014

Creation Museum Gardens

October 27, 2014- 
This post is part of a series of posts on our trip to the Creation Museum and North Carolina this fall.
Welcome to Cincinnati!  Today we are visiting the Creation Museum with friends.   The forecast called for some gorgeous weather today and rain tomorrow, so we visited the gardens and petting zoo before going through the indoor walkthrough.
The contents of this post include: selfies with dromedaries, a couple phalangeal references to crime and a crime detective, art, a proposal and a first kiss, and enough coffee to give you a caffeine buzz.  And just to help you keep track, I’ll italicize each reference from the preceding list.
Oh, and let’s not forget…enough wordplay in the captions to substantiate the suspicion that I keep a thesaurus in close proximity.
The game is on…
X – Reference to crime detective Sherlock Holmes

What better way to start the post than with a friendly wave?

I guess they’re taking the long way around…I’m sure we’ll see them eventually.
Broad – leafed Cattails (Typha latifolia)
Honestly, I don’t know whether these typha are of the southern, broad leafed, narrow leafed, dwarf or hybrid variety.  However, for anything related to cattails my go-to resource is the (no joke) official Cattails website.  I was visitor 111,827.
So, why did I call them broad-leafed cattails?
Because this is the internet where it’s a faux pas to post anything but statements that are both ill-founded and unverified and substitute their lack of factuality with an assertiveness held accountable by the anonymity of the web.
You can’t trust everything that you read on the web.
Wow, that last caption was rather sardonic and may come across as a bit astringent.
Perhaps a photo of flowers will show that I really do have an appreciation for aesthetics.



“…there were never such devoted sisters!”

Was anyone offended that I just used a line from “White Christmas” and thus made a reference to a Christmas song in October!?!

I have to admit that offense was slightly intended.

Ben, Donald, and frozen Joe.

X – Coffee

Hmm…are these ducks identical twins or synchronized swimmers?
Or better yet?  Both.

X – Coffee again

Ah, here they are.


X – Coffee reference x3


X – Coffee reference quatro


He smiled.

She smiled.

We smiled.

Andrew, Ben, Noah, Jay, Gideon, Abigail, and Emma, oh, and Ben (two.)

La Familia de Haguewood

A pose created by combining both the old and new portrayals of Sherlock Holmes in deep cogitation.



X - Phalangeal reference to crime detective


Next stop: The Petting Zoo:


I wish that this llama’s name was “Dolly.”

He’s quite the handful at times too. ;)


This zorse also is a zebroid.
Part zebra.  Part horse.
A zebroid is kind of like a cyborg, but without the pop sci-fi cultural appeal.



Just hangin’ with my bros

I’m pretty sure that the camel just got a sip of coffee.
X – Coffee reference x5


X – First kiss with a camel

Are you surprised that I wasn’t conservative enough to place reference to the “proposal” BEFORE the “first kiss?”




That’s not a bad attempt at a smile by the camel

X – Selfies with dromedaries

I love how these two are mirroring each other’s body language

I just felt like throwing in an odd photo. :)

Why do they keep the fountain in a cage?

Which guy has an account on Reddit?
A) The one wearing boots
B) The other one wearing boots
C) The one wearing converse
D) The person taking the photo


Okay, time to practice reactions to a marriage proposal.
The father seemed to be the most appropriate stand in.

X – Proposal

“Okay, give back my ring.”

Based upon their clothing and appearance, I would say that these people are probably gang members (including that guy poking in from the right) and that they’re flashing their gang signs.
X – Phalangeal reference to crime
However, it’s best to be charitable and to think the best of people.  Therefore, I’ll assume that they they were having a discussion on the divine natures of the trinity.
“Smile and say, ‘Three Hypostases in one Ousia!’”

Yes, so I may have stalked this couple and then gotten a photo of them walking down a path while they weren’t looking.  However, seeing them reminded me of the “Walking Her Home” song from Mark Shultz.
Warning:  Do not listen to this song unless you have tissues nearby.  I am speaking from experience.

IMG_3318 that another gang sign?

Okay, I promise you that I wasn’t really stalking them…they just happened to walk by again.

X - Art



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Melanie said...

What a great post... charming pictures, and such witty captions!

The camel compilation was too funny... especially the one sipping coffee and the selfie :-)

A bunch of these brought comments to mind that had me laughing... the picture that really gets me is the three "gang members" flashing their trio sign... It's just... They're too much! :-P