Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Creation Museum - Walkthrough

October 28, 2014 – This morning we again headed to the Creation Museum – this time, to go through the main museum walkthrough.
This post is part of a series of posts on our trip to the Creation Museum and North Carolina this fall.




This is a photo from our first visit to the museum – before it opened – in 2006


Mr. Haguewood reading the Greek on this parchment

The new Allosaur exhibit featuring “Ebenezer”

Does this picture look familiar?


November 5. 2013

This time, Kate’s joined by some company

The planetarium

We also saw a Buddy Davis conference…



…and listened to a lecture by Dr. Georgia Purdom.

Uh, Emma…that’s a sweet smile ‘n all, but have you looked behind you?

Ah, now she sees it!
Trying to feed Gideon to the T-Rex

Ah...he doesn't look the least bit scared.
In fact, I do believe that's a smile on his face. 

And you thought that I couldn’t top a #dromedaryselfie from the previous Creation Museum post?

New exhibit


The exhibit’s primary feature was an absolutely astounding bug collection

The new exhibit receives two thumbs up from this critic

At the end of the day we had the opportunity to quickly meet Ken Ham and have a photo taken

So, I’m curious to know how many people – if any – were observant enough to notice that I added a few photos from the visit the day before…did you notice the different clothes?


Marjo B said...

Love the Creation Museum! It was great to see pictures of it again. The insectorium is new since we visited last!
Great pictures; you guys always get nice people pictures :)

V.S B said...

I have to go back some day soon and see the new exhibits! I know that Alexandre would make a great tor guide:)
Thanks for posting!

Melanie said...

Once again, another great post!

As a matter of fact I did notice the different clothes... very clever of you to sneak those in amid all the throw-back pictures. I also noticed Ben wore the same red stripe shirt as he did in the picture of you 3 boys in 2013 :-P

Those t-rex pictures are so funny... and it definitely tops the dromedary selfie. Can't wait to see how that's topped in the next post ;-)

J. Andrew Wong said...

Yes, the new insectarium was pretty neat. I didn't get too many photos of the bug collection, but it really was fascinating.
Plus, they were evenly pinned (literally - not Pinterest style) and sorted by color/species/gender, so it really appealed to the OCD in me. :)

@Melanie Wow, you noticed Ben's shirt? That's pretty observant. Especially for a non-sensate. ;)
Wow, so what can top a t-rex selfie? Gotta think about that one...

Marjo said...

I am convinced that when I first saw this post, you hadn't put in the older pictures. Right? Or else my eyes deceived me, 'cause I didn't notice them! Upon looking again however, we really liked the old pictures as well. Esp. the 2006 one! :)