Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ice Skating

January 31, 2015 - So, I'm kind of facing a dilemma with this blog.  On one hand, my family is taking more photos than ever before, so I could post pretty often, but averaged quality of the posts would decrease because so many posts would consist of cellphone quality photos and the ever repugnant, but increasingly prominent "selfie." 
So, I'll try to find a good recipe for a mixture of everyday life photos and event photos taken with the nice camera.  If you have a preference for one or the other and for the frequency of these posts - please leave a comment and let me know which kinds of posts you enjoy the most. 
(Or I could just look at the statistical data for each post and utilize my online marketing acumen to figure it out...
...nah, just leave a comment!)

Alright, Noah and I seem to have become the perennial social butterflies of the family.  So, this evening we attended the FCM annual family ice skate.  It worked out that Marscel was able to come along with us.

The beautiful ice rink at Shaw Park

It was a beautiful night for ice skating.
Granted, I'd use that phrase for any day that had a temperature under 60 degrees, but it was a "beautiful night" in the conventional sense.

This picture was taken by Melanie Thomas (who came later to skate) and stolen from the Thomas family blog...shhh...keep it a secret and she'll never find out...

Walking back to the car with Melanie and Marscel

Noah and I loved being able to catch up with friends and we had a blast ice skating!


Melanie said...

I totally get the dilemma! It's so handy streamlining down to a phone camera, but the quality just isn't the same. However I think a mix is good. Sometimes a captured moment is worth seeing even if it isn't in HD.

You stole a picture from a blog, eh? Your secrets safe with me :-) Wait a minute... It was our blog you stole it from!?!? 0.o Glad I was able to get that post up. :-)

Marjo B said...

I say, ''Blog''! Whether the post is full of high quality photography surrounded by text, or whether it is text accented by a couple of less-great-quality pictures, if it's a good memory it's worth blogging about! :)
I cannot speak for every one of your readers, but there's a good chance that we will continue to enjoy reading your blog!
And selfies aren't all that bad. It depends on the motive behind the selfie. ;)