Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mudhouse Coffee Shop

February 24, 2015 - Most of the blog posts seem to be about an event on a weekend.  So, it's with some amount of pride that I say that this post is neither event-related or a weekend occurrence (Tuesday!)
My Mom got some blood work done in Springfield, MO, so I came along to split some of the driving time.

For lunch we ate at the Mudhouse Coffee House in downtown Springfield

We ordered "mud puddles."  
It was with great relief that my inferences I'd derived from the name were dispelled when I was presented with an excellent frozen mocha!

One the way back home we drove by the Savoy Ballroom where 
we're planning on doing some 
(or "dancing" for all of you who didn't catch that Benny Goodman reference)
this May.

Oh, and this completely random photo was taken to commemorate the realization of how much I enjoy hearing only one side of a phone conversation.
You get to utilize your powers of deduction to determine what's being said in the silent pauses of the conversation, exercise your imagination in filling in the missing pieces, and to write your own words into the blank spaces left by the articulations of the person on the other side of the phone.
Oh, wait...honestly, I think I do this even in a face-to-face conversation. ;)


Marjo B said...

Middle of the week happenings are quite interesting to read about! :)
Of course it helps if it involves a tasty lunch at a coffee shop!

It's funny: when you showed the Savoy spot, and mentioned 'stompin', a whole different picture enthusiastically leaped into my imagination.
I truly thought you had found a good old-fashioned dance to go to. Although a masquerade is wonderful as well. ;)

Lastly, I agree about phone calls! (or, in Pinterest lingo: ''I can't believe it! This is so ME!!!"")

Much of our childhood excitement derived from listening to our Mum on the phone.
As in our phone is right beside the dinner table, so we
ALL. LISTEN. We're so mean.
But it's so mysterious and interesting!
Good things come from phone calls. Things like invitations and announcements. And NEWS in general.
And then our Mum gets off the phone and disappoints us by summarizing the call with ''Oh. She just wanted to know what to take for a sore throat.'' WHAT?
We had at least 2 weddings planned by now, our outfits all chosen... ;) jk. sort of.

(More often, our Mum loves sharing the conversation with her more socially-deprived offspring and we spend the next hour discussing the phone call around the table.)

J. Andrew Wong said...

Your Pinterest lingo is fantastic! ''I can't believe it! This is so ME!!":)

Yeah, I can totally relate to listening to phone conversations while growing up. The idea was to correctly guess who she was talking to within about 10-15 seconds. What was really hard was when you'd hear Mom reactively gasp in the conversation, so the next 10 minutes you'd be in breathless anticipation of what could have been the matter. Then it just ends up being something exceedling sundry...