Saturday, March 7, 2015

Car Scrapyard

March 7, 2015 - This afternoon we met up with the Bridges at the U-PICK-A-PART junkyard.  Benjamin needs a few parts for his new truck, so he was hoping to strip the parts from the scrap vehicles on the lot:

The piles of cars that have been scrapped and crushed were pretty incredible!

(Sorry, just had to throw in this Wall-E reference since its one of my favorite Pixar films)

They have thousands and thousands of cars, off the ground, with their hoods up, waiting to be scrapped for parts

Yes, my friends, it felt a bit like a playground for any car repair enthusiast

Now, unfortunately, I didn't get it on video, but these two reenacted the "Boys Are Back" dance number from High School Musical. (YouTube)

Okay, I'm totally kidding.  
It's bad enough that this scene even entered our minds...especially since none of us have seen HSM.

Oh well, it still might make fitting background music while you read the rest of this post: (Spotify link)

You know you've come to the right place when you have shop with a 50 pound wagon and not a  shopping cart

Uh yeah, they may have given each other wagon rides...meanwhile I acted like I wasn't with them...

This chunk of metal is all that remains of a Ford Ranger

Reading a notebook we found in it

Benjamin had a friend who needed a new sun roof motor, so we found a Mercury Cougar and pulled the motor out for him

Josiah in the back of a retired K-9 police vehicle

Okay, so we took a look in this prototypical "kidnapper van..."

...and saw this picture taped to the front dash.
Form your own conclusions.

Someone had repainted their car with this design on the hood.
Oh, and it was a Volkswagen.

We took a look at some older cars from the 60s-80s like a 70s Chevelle and a 1987 Fiero

Benjamin immediately jumped into this ambulance and had me send a text to Mom that said "Ben is in the back of an ambulance."
Yeah, not the nicest prank.

I'd already been texting her photos of us at the junkyard, that were actually stills from Wall-E.

♫♫ "It only...takes a moment..." ♫♫
Ah, I like that movie....

Yeah, two homeschoolers in a school bus - betcha don't see that everyday.

Jumping out of the emergency exit

Unfortunately, Ben wasn't able to really find the parts he was looking for, but we did have entirely way too much fun in the process. ;)


Emma Haguewood said...
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Marjo B said...

I don't think you're supposed to have that much fun in a scrapyard. ;)
I don't think ours come close...our Dad never comes home with interesting stories like that.

Lauren Ruth said...

So I figured since I have never left I comment I should step out of my comfort zone and comment. Junk yards are the best but yours is way bigger and cooler than ours. :) Also, you let me down a little when you said wall-e was your favorite Pixar movie... We may hate it in this family. (Like Pixar really let us down when they came out with it ;)) Okay, so there you have it - I commented on a blog. :O

J. Andrew Wong said...

Yeah, the sentimental side of me loved Wall-E. Plus, I thought that it was pretty amazing how the animators and the sound designer did an incredible job of forming an emotional connection with the characters - despite a very limited amount of dialogue.
That said, I'm really looking forward to Pixar's upcoming movie, "Inside Out."
Thanks for summoning up your courage and leaving your first (of many) comments! It wasn't too painful was it?

Lauren Ruth said...

Come on though, Wall-E? Yes, it is pretty cool how they created a story line with grunts and groans buuuuut, I mean there is "UP", "Ratatouille", "A Bugs Life", "Toy Story(ies)"... and so many more and Wall-E is the chosen one? I'll pray for you buddy. ;) But you are re-bounding quickly because "Inside Out" looks AWESOME.
LOL! AAAAHHHHHHH! So painful, JK. Nah wasn't that bad at all. Though it did take me a while to respond because my stupid blogger and Google won't let me follow your blog and so it won't notify me on receiving comments back. :(
Sooooo, yup comment number two is now complete ;)

Lauren Ruth said...

Oh GOSH!!!! I don't think my comment ever posted so here's try number two...
AWE! Seriously though Wall-E? I mean yes they did a good animation job and did create a story line with grunts and groans but still! There are so many others to choose from like "UP", "Toy Story(ies)", "A Bugs Life", "Monsters INK", "Big hero 6" and sooooo many more. But alas to each their own (i'll pray for you) ;). You are making a pretty good come back though with "Inside Out". That one looks pretty awesome.
AAAAAHHHH! It was so painful, this shy girl that hides in corners from people needed a lot of guts to comment over the inter-web. Haha just kidding.
Okay, hope this one works.

J. Andrew Wong said...

Wall-E himself is such the easy-going, eternally hopeful and courageously loyal little guy.
Plus, I like how uncharacteristically hopeful the film was, though it was set in a very "dystopian" future.
I do like Up and the Toy Stories - and Pixar in general, so I help that redeems me in your sight a bit.
Ah, yeah. Shy girl who hides in corners?
Right... :)