Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mom's Birthday Dinner

March 10, 2015 - After holding Keira for the first time, we all left the hospital to celebrate my Mom's birthday with a late dinner.

These are some "photographic" shots of the hospital on the way out out to the parking garage

Chicken fajita!


Celebratory margarita

We all look pretty tired in this photo :)
It was a long day!


Lydia said...

Is it no coincidence that the "please hold handrail" escalator photo is followed by Noah going down with his hands in his pockets?

Lauren Ruth said...

Okay, is the room with all the lights the hospital, parking garage, or restaurant? Because, if the hospital - that is pretty cool, if the parking garage - that is the fanciest parking garage I have ever seen, and if a restaurant - it's still cool.

J. Andrew Wong said...

@Lydia: I didn't notice the correlation between the handrail and Noah - I guess that kind of is a coincidence then. :)
@Lauren Ruth: Those lights are near the escalators that take you down to the parking garage. Besides their geometric pattern, they look pretty neat reflecting off of the glass.