Saturday, May 30, 2015

Air Soft

May 22-23, 2015 -This weekend we met up with friends to play some airsoft battles together.
So, on the first day, we had some great battles before settling down for dinner around 10pm before heading to the barn loft to spend the night.
Definitely the most memorable parts for me would be seeing Josiah S. jump off a bridge into a creek (flag in hand) during a game of capture the flag.
Another interesting round was when we were playing a hostage scenario at night with all of the barn lights off.  The "rescuers" formed into 4 fireteams by moonlight and the sound of each other's hushed voices.  Each team was assigned sections of the barn to infiltrate and tasks to rescue the hostage.  My team slipped through the front door and then had to weave through the stuff lying on the floor of the barn without making a sound.  The next phase was to silently climb our way up 15' feet in darkness so great that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.  So, I had to feel my way as I climbed up with an airsoft gun slung across my chest.  Ah...good times! Although, we did lose that round actually...

Anyway, enough with all of the words - it's time for some pictures!

The barn loft



Most of the guys stayed up to watch a movie - which started after midnight.
I tried to get all of the sleep that I could before...

Everyone groggily gets out of bed - er - sleeping bags and packs up their stuff

Gearing up for another full day


Neutral face

Happy face!

Ah...yeah...caught applying makeup

Riding in the back of the truck

Looks like Noah's guarding our "6"

And then there was that time when I lost my footing while taking photos and crashed on top of Noah. =)

Waiting to ambush

Wow, and in this round Noah and Isaiah "lit up" our entire team in an ambush

And with such very little cover too...
*shakes head*

Our assault team before they breached a door to a house to root out the guys holding up in a house

Reloading during one of the breaks between rounds

Relaxing and talking during dinner


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