Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby-B-Q Shower!

April 18, 2015 - Time for another baby shower!  This time it's a Baby-B-Q for little Easton.
Now, to be honest, the majority of this post consists of photos of complete strangers that you've never met or never will meet.  But, hey, some of you find people really interesting, so I hope that you enjoy.

"Welcome Easton"
Cake and cupcakes

This chandelier over the bar is so cool

That chalk board design looks familiar

Everyone visiting - oh, and lemons

Time to eat, y'all!

I love my midwestern BBQ

My Uncle Joshua and Aunt Rebecca, the expectant parents

My cousin Charlie 
(who didn't bite my finger)

My cousin Isaiah...

..enamored with the balloons.

Sweet Sue

The Hunters

Shelley and fam

Scott who is a pastor and his wife, Lauren

My bros with LaDawn and Robert

Me + bowtie!


Richard and Becky

Chris and Bethany and Kate
and Keira

Talking with Richard about the upcoming 2,000,000,000th Bible being distributed by the Gideons
It took 93 years (1908-2001) to distribute their first billion and 14 years (2002-2015) for the second billion.

My grandmother...wait...why did I say that?  I never call her that.
This is "Grandma."
Formerly known as "ma-ma." ;)

Sweet baby Keira

Woa, she's "chunking" up!

Congratulations Josh and Rebecca!
We look forward to meeting Easton in the coming months!

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Joshua, Rebecca and Easton said...

Thank ya'll again for an awesome Baby Shower...we had a blast! :)