Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FCM Historical Reenactors and Cotillion

May 5, 2015 - The 2015 Family Covenant Ministries (FCM - formerly CHEF) conference featured historical reenactors and an historical cotillion (ball) on the second evening.
The evening started with the presentation of the historical reenactors, before we began to dance:

Mrs. Summer's announces the historical reenactors as they enter the room

Mr. and an expectant Mrs. Daniel Boone, respectively
Also known as Peter and Melody Bringe

(The quality photo looks like it may have been taken 
with camera equipment that would've been their contemporaries)

Mr. Jean LaFitte who, debonair pirate as he is, won the best award for best costume 

Captain Jack and Polly the Parrot

And now the next 3 photos constitute a lazy man's panorama:




Just picture it in your head.

Well...there you go...

Time for the grand march!

No one was strangled, smothered or similarly harmed in this dance

Our faithful dance demonstrators

I'm so glad that a picture of me was taken while I was dancing - and I was smiling!

Unless you've looked through photos from a dance before, 
you can't appreciate the significance of this photo.

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