Thursday, June 11, 2015

FCM Conference 2015

May 5, 2015 - Wow, this is a long time coming...better a month late than never I suppose?

Family pic after dinner

I scream!  No, I really almost do when it comes to ice cream!
This little mid-break snack was melting all over me.

Random.  Granted.
But it's not everyday that you see Bruce Wayne out for a drive.

There are always good times waiting in the lobby of the hotel during conferences.

This place has holds some great memories from over the past 7 years:



Chatting with friends and solving the world's problems.

Time for Dutch Blitz!  This card game is a bit of an annual tradition.

This has got to be the biggest game of Dutch Blitz I've ever played.  There were close to a dozen people (in teams.)  As if Dutch Blitz wasn't crazy enough.


Gabrielle said...

AWESOME pictures!! I love your face in the pic with ice cream!! Funny!

Gabrielle said...

This makes me want to stay in the hotel next time!