Thursday, June 18, 2015

Inside Out from the Outside In

June 18, 2015 - This evening we went to the theatre to watch the newest Pixar film, "Inside Out."
However, I'm going to order this post "outside in."
The surrounding shopping area was really..."cute."
 (Apparently, I've been told that I'm overusing that term if I used it more than 5 times a year.)
Overcast skies beside, I just had to take and share a few pics:


Starring these emotions from L to R:
Smirking indifference, impatient affability, easygoing happiness, relaxed confidence, and curly-haired Kate.

Okay, no spoilers, but "Inside Out" was incredibly creative!
We really enjoyed it, because Brain Types, personalities, and mind palaces are topics of constant discussion in our house.  The fascinating study of emotions, psychology, and brain functions is one of my personal "guilty pleasures" - if you will.
The way that the emotions of anger, fear, sadness, joy, and disgust worked together was absolutely hilarious.  How they depicted abstract concepts like the sub conscious, abstract thought, dreams, and memory, was absolutely ingenious.

I did think that the story may have lacked a bit of arc and -ironically enough- emotional connection to the main characters, but it still strikes a sentimental chord - and a very good one at that in the final scene.


Emma Haguewood said...

I can't wait to see this!!! Planning on going to the drive-in this week sometime... :D Glad you guys enjoyed it!

Emma Haguewood said...

Oh, and the descriptions of the 5 of you could not have been *described* better!! ;p perfect.

Kristine Scharven said...

Saw this yesterday too! Definitely a fun film! And I teared up at certain parts for sure!

J. Andrew Wong said...

@Kristine - I love how they resolved the seeming purposelessness of sadness in the final "family hug" scene. Definitely has some tear-jerker moments.

@Emma - I hope you enjoy the movie when you get to see it! Kate kept on saying that "Joy" was reminding her of you during the entire movie.

Wong Family said...

The expressions on the face of "Disgust" are hysterical.