Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dance Videos

Laura's Waltz

The Last Dance

 Comical Fellow

 Irish Washer Woman



Lauren Ruth said...

Okay so I LOVE the song "greater" by MercyMe! Whoever decided to figure out a dance to go along with it is now "like my new favorite person"!

Zoë said...

{staring at the screen in astonishment}
Whose idea was this??! That's... just... BRILLIANT! :D
I've spent a lot of time thinking up dances to go with favorite tunes. Setting English Country Dance steps to contemporary Christian music would never have occurred to me... but it actually WORKS. Wow. That's really neat. :)
Thanks for posting this most interesting video!

Gabrielle said...

WHAT!!! Dancing to "Greater." That's TOTALLY Awesome!!! I agree with Lauren Ruth and Zoe!! ;)