Friday, August 21, 2015

End of Summer Ball - Dancing Videos II

Well, thanks to Rachelle Howard, I have a few more dancing videos I can post from the End of Summer Ball last month.  I'd made a previous post with a few videos, but now I've also uploaded the Duke of Kent's Waltz, Trip to Town O (though we really didn't go anywhere), Auretti's Dutch Skipper, The Ragg, Yellow Stockings, and the Virginia Reel.
I'll also be posting "Lovely Nancy" of the "Sparrow Waltz" or "Pirates Waltz" or "Capt Jack's Waltz" or whatever it's called!

Oh, great.  Guess what's in my head now...

Duke of Kent's Waltz

Trip to Town O

Auretti's Dutch Skipper


But, I'll be true...

 The Ragg the song I sing...

Yellow Stockings


...and live and die...

...a pirate king!

For he is a pirate king
Hurrah for our pirate king!
And it is, it is a glorious thing
To be a pirate king!

Disclaimer: I no way endorse or condone the highly illegal endeavors of unscrupulous maritime captains who "sink a few more ships that a well bred monarch ought to do."  
However, when you've once heard Gilbert and Sullivan it's hard to clean your mind of it.

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Zoë said...

Speakin' o' the roving raiders of the high seas and their swashbuckling soundtracks and the sequenced movements performed thereunto - have you seen/done Mr. Bob Green's dance "Jack's Sparrow"?