Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kate's Birthday

November 6, 2015 - Today is Kate's birthday, and we had a weekend full of activities to celebrate.  We all met for some Asian cuisine.

Random fact:  Kate's spent more time in Asia than anyone else in our family.

Hey, look who's having some more sushi!

Kate handling chopsticks like a pro, while I fumble in the background.  
My Asian grandparents would be so disappointed.

Forget it...I'm just gonna hold it like a pencil.

ENTP pragmatism: If it works, do it.

And boy, did that philosophy not help me when studying pronunciations in vocabulary.

Lebanon: LEE-ban-non  
Yeah, sounds like it works to me.

Noah posing for the camera.

This guy seemed a bit incomplete without a smartphone in his right hand.

Because there aren't enough Dr. Wongs in the world.

And here we see three different ways to pose with your hands in your pockets.

Oh, and the sun was REALLY glaring into our eyes during this photo, 
but hey, squinting like that did make all of us look more Asian.

Time for some shopping!

(The exclamation point represents enthusiasm.)

We ended up spending quite some time at Janie and Jack.

I wish I could shop for MY clothes here!

This dress shirt onesie is just too awesome for words.

A crossover converse/leather/boot shoe.
The result of a designer with homozygous thoughts in his brain. should be able to learn a new word in every blog post!  
Click "homozygous" for a definition that will be so unclear 
that you'll still be in the dark as to what homozygous means.

Next Stop: Nadoz Bakery and Cafe

And this photo wasn't posed...I have a perpetual smile when I eat ice cream.

No matter what that face says, I give "Mississippi Mud" ice cream two thumbs up.

Insightful mentor. 
Patient teacher. 
Theological comrade. 
Generous giver. 
Fun-filled friend. 
Sister in Christ.

Oh, and also the "mother" of the most 'precious' dog in the world. 

(I love how Lydia was going for the inspirational stare 
into middle-distance for this photo - I just don't think she achieved it.)

I've been so blessed by having you in my life. 
I'll bear the fingerprints of your loving influence in my life until the day I die. 
Happy birthday Kate!

We ended the evening with hot dogs and chili beside the campfire.

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Joshua, Rebecca & Baby Easton said...

It looks like ya'll had a great day together! We love and miss ya'll so much! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday, Kate!! :D �� ��