Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Dance, Rotator Cuff, and an Invitation

December 11, 2015 - My very first post with photos that I took during a dance. 
I spent most of the evening watching from the sidelines, because I was still healing from a rotator cuff tear (there's a story behind that.)  The inability to raise your right elbow definitely makes dancing all but impossible. However, I say "all but" because I did participate in a few dances - including the Scottish (there's a story behind that.)
Anyway...enough of me.  Enjoy the photos and check out the invite at the bottom of the post.

See? No break or fracture.

Someone's in the Christmas spirit!  
These lines were posted on the three doors - of which, only one will open.

Our patient dance caller, Jeremy Suermann

Look like fun?  Well, join us for the New Year's Ball...details are below!


Gabrielle said...

I was wondering what was going on with your arm, or elbow...but I forgot to ask. Glad you're doing ok.

The dancing pictures turned out great!! As I scrolled through them I said to myself, YES, I'm not in any of them, this is so great!!....until I got to the one with Sam and I.... Hmm....oh well!! i wish I was smiling at least!! Well, I'll live!! :)

P.S. ~ So, you dancing the Scottish....I wonder how that worked out for you...

Marjo B said...

You got some really nice shots! Thanks for sharing. :)

hk said...

#facingthemidgets ;)