Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Death of Our Grandfather

    That moment when your heart seems to be pulled from your chest - taking the breath out of your lungs - is replaced with a shock that casts doubt on the soundness of your hearing and robs your eyes of tears. That was how I’d describe myself when I learned on Tuesday morning that my Grandpa, Frank Tucker, had quietly passed away in his sleep the night before.
I and many others have been blessed to have had this man in our lives. He’s always been there for my     Mom and I for the last 22 years - which makes having to come to the realization that he’ll no longer be stopping by for a visit and calling or [in the last few years] FB messaging to check in on us - all the more difficult.
    God had been merciful in allowing my Grandpa to see all of his children become fathers and mothers on their own and to have been given the health to meet and spend time with his -now- eleven grandchildren of whom he was always so proud. I wish that he’d been given more time - that he could’ve even met my children someday - but the Lord had numbered his days and peacefully let him fall into a sleep from which he would never wake.
    I’m thankful for the memories we were able to make together (and capture in photos) and I will always appreciate the contributions he made in the lives of my extraordinary mom (Lisa) and incredible uncles/aunts who have been so supportive of one another through this time.
    Your memory is etched in my mind as your love has been impressed upon my heart.

Franklin R. Tucker 
4/9/47 - 3/15/16


Andrew Howard said...

I am so sorry for your loss, brother! Y'all have my prayers!

Rachelle said...

My thoughts and prayers are with your family, Andrew!

Gabrielle S. said...

Praying for you all! You have support from many members of the body of Christ, and we stand by you! Stay encouraged Andrew!