Monday, August 15, 2016

Busch, Bobbleheads, and Blasts

June 4, 2016 - The Jones family invited me to spend this evening at the ballpark as we played against the San Francisco Giants.

The Yadi and Waino bobblehead had to make it into the photo.

Siegrist whispering a joke into the ear of Eugene - Oh's Korean interpreter.
When you have a last name like Oh, there's plenty of fodder for jokes.
Ask me how I know. ;)

Carlos Martinez sporting his new hairstyle that - when combined with his strut out to the mound - reaffirmed in everyone's minds how appropriately he's nicknamed
 "El Gallo."

And only the internet would think of creating a 4 hour 40 minute video of this rooster.
And only the internet would rack up this video's view count to over 800k.

Today was this couple's 64th wedding anniversary and they wanted to celebrate by spending time with their first loves - the Cardinals for him - and the Giants for her.

They threw the first pitch(es) to the Cardinals manager, Mike Matheny, and the Giant's manager, Bruce Bochy - both former major league catchers.

Photo from MLB

Two Matts heading to the dugout after warm ups

Molina, Wacha, and David Lilliquist (pitching coach) making their way from the bullpen

This girl was too cute standing around these guys as they exchanged the lineups

2B Kolten Wong - yeah, how crazy?  The only player in MLB history with the name "Wong" was drafted out of Hawaii and plays for St. Louis.

2016 breakout rookie, Aledmys Diaz, who had to defect from Cuba to make it to the Show.

Waino doing an interview with the telecasters

Beautiful midwest weather for baseball

After falling behind four runs, the Cardinals decided to bring out the lumber... 

...and they belted out 4 home runs!

Can you find the ball in the picture?

Happy walk out of the stadium after a 7-4 victory!

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Melanie Thomas said...

Ahh, a quintessentially summer post! You got some incredible pictures! You should try selling them to the Cardinals... or maybe trade them for season tickets ;-)