Saturday, September 3, 2016

Church Picnic

August 27, 2016 - 

"Even if you don't build it, they'll still come."

(Before I pulled out my camera,) the Young Bloods squared off against the Over the Hill Gang in some volleyball matches.  We (I'm old :P but I'm still in the Young Bloods category) were soundly defeated repeatedly.  Even though we were told that no one was counting how many games we'd lost - we were still repeatedly reminded that we were 0-1 then 0-2 then 0-3 then 0-4 then 0-5 then 0-6 - and maybe more.  I'm right handed (and in no way ambidextrous), so I only counted on my fingers to 5. 

After our humiliation, we had to reestablish our reputation as sportsmen and competitors by slinking away to the backfield to play the ennobling game of wiffle ball.

Who and What on first and second.
They're both wearing horizontal stripes, so are obviously on the same team.

And we basically played just against ourselves -  5 players - even if it's an entire hand's worth of fingers - doesn't quite make up two baseball teams.

For instance, Benjamin needed to hit the ball, 

and catch and throw the ball, 

and try to tag out the other baserunners.

And playing all facets in a game of baseball as we were is - in the words of Yogi Berra:
"ninety percent mental and the other half is physical."

But, we are at a picnic - right?  In the words of Yogi Bear, let's break out the "pic-a-nic baskets!"

Josiah patiently waits for me to serve him up a dill pickle.
They're more than slippery - they're slickery..

Benjamin preparing for the final death blow to the beef on his sandwich.
For someone who likes his steaks medium-rare, he's awfully conscientious about making sure the cow is 100% dead.

No, we're not giants - and no, this isn't an optical illusion.  After the contortions required to comfortably find a way to sit at the table - without collapsing it - it was equally as difficult to extract yourself - and the pins and needles from numb limbs didn't help either!

Josiah and I both cracked up when one of the little guys came and sat down and then got back up with such contrasting swiftness and ease!

And from edible poultry, we transition to those who are edible - and to poultry.

These chickens can just crack you up!

They are laying hens after all.

Larissa looks on and hopes there's no damage done to life or limb drumstick.

Checking out the ducks.


Melanie said...

Man, I miss that house and all those people!

The two pictures of Charity laughing with (or would it be at?) the chicken is so cute!

Alexa Grismer said...
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