Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dance Videos: Officer's Ball

August 12, 2016 - Salem, IL - The Howards family hosted another ball this summer to honor the lives of our active servicemen and veterans.  

Honoring and praying for those in the service

Thanks (again) to the filming work of Rachelle Howard, I hope you enjoy the 15 (15!) videos I've posted from the ball below:

  1. Laura's Waltz
  2. Key to the Cellar
  3. Yellow Stockings
  4. The Scottish Polka
  5. Lovely Nancy
  6. Comical Fellow
  7. The Ragg
  8. Bare Necessities   
  9. Pirate's Waltz
  10. Red House
  11. Duke of Kent's Waltz
  12. Hole in the Wall
  13. Barbarini's Tambourine
  14. Spanish Circle
  15. Juice of Barley


JennTeacher said...

Very nice. Looks fun.

Rachelle said...

These are great! Thanks for all the time and work you put into editing and posting each video. =)
(Oh, thanks for cutting the polka's video before I stumble over myself.:P)

J. Andrew Wong said...

Thanks for hosting and organizing the ball!
It's so odd to see myself in a dancing video - not dancing that is.'re welcome for cutting the polka. :)