Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dance Videos - Sep 10

September 10, 2016 -  The dancing videos from last Friday night's dance practice will be posted here!
The videos are even more roughly edited than usual, because I'm posting from my Chromebook, but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless.

1. Laura's Waltz
2. The Duke of Kent's Waltz
3. The Scottish Polka
4. Juice of Barley
5. The Mulberry Garden - (Thanks for the help!)
6. Virginia Reel


Rachelle said...

Thanks for posting these, Andrew! They are great. =)
(Hope "Jonathon" didn't give you a hard time about getting these up quickly :P)

~Katie said...

Dance #5 is Mulberry Garden. (I had to ask around after the dance until I found someone who knew it!)
Thanks for filming and sharing!

Gabrielle S. said...

Thanks for posting Andrew!! I was sad I couldn't make it, but I love watching the videos!!

Zoë said...

Andrew, I know many have said so already, but - your posting of these dance videos is greatly appreciated!
Loved dancing Mulberry Garden, and it's great to get to see all the others dancing it... and to refresh my already-fading memory on how the thing goes. ;]