Tuesday, October 4, 2016

St George Island 3: Civil War Graves & Cape St George Lighthouse

Well, in my last post I left you all settled in amongst the Southern porches and ghost stories of the Gibson Inn.  Join me once again for just a few more sights around Apalachicola before we head back across the bridges that lead to St George Island...

A few blocks from the Gibson Inn is the 
Chestnut Cemetery in Apalachicola.

The oldest gravestone dates back to 1831, and veterans of the War Between the States - on both sides - are buried here. 
In fact, in the plot of the Hull family lie the graves of R.H. & L.N. Hull who served the confederacy in the Florida 4th Infantry - next to the graves of  Union cavalrymen, J.H. & P.R. Hull, who served in the Missouri 4th Cavalry.

You'll also find many victims of cholera and malaria and yellow fever - because the surrounding marshes were breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 
(As if the Zika virus wasn't enough to be concerned about considering how many mosquito bites I was getting when I went outside after dark,)

In the 1840s there was such an epidemic of yellow fever that the nearby city of St. Joseph was completely abandoned.

Dr. Alvan Chapman, famed botanist, is buried in the cemetery and his house stands nearby.
He just smells like an ENTP to me....
"Physician, scientist, eminent botanist...county judge, mayor, collector of customs."

Additional sights along Chestnut Street:

Because every city has a "First" Baptist Church.

(And very rarely a "Fourth" Baptist Church.)

The John Gorrie bridge - originally opened in 1935 (which featured a rotating section of the bridge so ships with high masts could pass underneath.)

This is the St George Island bridge in the distance.
Opened 12 years ago and the 3rd longest bridge in Florida (4.1 miles.)

Nigel flying alongside us while on the bridge

At every sunset, people drive to the entrance of St George Island, and pull over to watch the sun set over the Apalachicola Bay.

Sailboat and charter boat sailing into the bay

The Cape St George Lighthouse

Despite its increased age, the lighthouse seems to be in better shape - and less Tower of Pisa-like - than in these photos!

Celebrating the sunset with an ice cream cone...
...I must have just started eating it, because my nose appears to still be fairly ice cream free.

My daily sunset walk/run on the shoreline of the St George Island State Park

That moon.  So big and bright - and already casting a reflection on the water.

Check back soon for the rest of the photos from our trip to Florida...


Gabrielle S. said...

Wow! So Amazing!! Thanks for sharing your vacation Andrew! Looks like a beautiful place!!

Gabrielle S. said...

Gorgeous pictures you took by the way, as usual!! ;)