Wednesday, October 5, 2016

St George Island 5: Home Sweet Away from Home - Panama City Beach & A Lightshow

You find on us on the road - once again - as we visit Panama City Beach.

On our vacations to Florida, we've stayed (I think 4 times) in Panama City Beach, so it really like we were visiting our little neighborhood-away-from-home.

This time, we nearly did take the route of the red line, as we drove along the coast:

On the long and rainy drive

Pier Park had done nothing but become more developed since our last visit

On the back of a golf cart

I had some friends ask me if I was planning on doing some sand volleyball while on the beach - little did they suspect I'd play on this scale.

Alternatively, I could caption this photo with "Catch 'em all."

I'm smiling because I'm eating a good ole' double cheeseburger and chocolate shake (and not the triple triple - as seen over my right shoulder.  The picture is a bit larger than life-sized, but still...)

YES - "the" ZOLTHAR!

Unfortunately - or fortunately, Zolthar was out of order.

A pic just as a reminder of this great scene from Big (1988)

And I just assumed from this sign that the owner/operators of this place were Asian.  Assumed without even taking a step inside the door.

We were standing on this sidewalk, when we got this photo (below) three years ago with friends:

Before we left PCB, we stopped at The Dive Locker where Benjamin and I had gotten our training as PADI-certified Open Water Divers. 

 Oddly enough, those photos from 3 years ago have never been posted to this blog.

Holding up the scuba diving card that I keep in my wallet

We had rainy days intermittently during the trip - here's one of the storms filmed from my balcony:

"Behold, God is great...He scatters his lightning about him and covers the roots of the sea. He covers his hands with the lightning and commands it to strike the mark. Its crashing declares his presence." 
- Job 36:28, 30-33

Watching this lightning storm from the beach at night proved to be quite the light show:

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