Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Duke & His Rose

October 15, 2016 -

Now, it’s that time to be said,
between Autumn’s dusky orange and browns,
and Winter’s festive greens and reds.

The sweet folly of memories,
And holly’s red berries fill my mind,
And there’s years we’ve got to find.

So, dust them off,
break out those old years,
before we greet the new and reminisce
and have some cider too.

Because the gang’s all here,
and there’s a fire going strong.

- "Cider Song" by Third Lobby

Dusting off these lyrics to The Cider Song is a work of reminiscence in and of itself!  The (now dissolved) band, "Third Lobby" was so named because its members met in the 3rd lobby at (what I think was) Covenant College during a power outage...or something like that. :P
Back in 2007 we were visiting Twin Oaks Presbyterian church and they played during the service.  We picked up a couple of their CDs before heading home and of course, I listened to them because I loved music (some things never change.) 
Even after all these years, these lyrics came back into my mind - and I'll adapt them throughout this post.

2007 - After Church @ Twin Oaks

This evening, these many friends were gathered at the Brook-Cherith farm for the reception of Micaiah ["the duke"] and Taralyn Rose ["his rose"] Thomas after their destination wedding on the beach last month.
The farm looked incredible itself - plus it was filled with the pleasant faces of familiar friends!

The straw sofa.  
Available from IKEA as the "halmsoffa."

The bird had already escaped.

The Gaga Pit

Somehow...I never jumped in and played a game, so I have no idea how it's played.

It looks like everyone's exhausted and hunched over trying to regain their breath by this point.

Amariah freaking out about the ball

The ball successfully escaping the pit

"Issac and the Abbys" performing "I Was Made for Loving You" and a few other of my favorites.

I made a 4 hour+ playlist for the reception that I now share with you, if you're in the mood for an odd mix of acoustic/love/pop/country tunes.

I would've recorded some video if I hadn't been more than occupied with a corn on the cob.
Michael and Pa jumped in with the violin and percussion, drums, respectively - and Ben (not "my" Ben) "hammered" the dulcimer.

For the curious, below is an original song by Issac:
"Know Her Name" by Issac Kenneth

I mean, it was better to get a live performance of the song around the campfire a year ago, but still.. ;)
Good memories:
I stole this pic from the Niednagels...shhh.

Moving the couple's couch closer to the "stage" for toasts!

- these smiles -

Another -obviously- stolen photo ;)

Here's my toast - that I sent to Micaiah a few hours before his beach wedding:

To the Duke and His Rose

by J. Andrew Wong
As Providence contrived;
  from the Northeast he arrived.
Off to the Lou,
  went his retinue;
  the earth ‘round the sun for five.

Sheeran a prophet may be.
His heart fell near twenty three.
With a love it was said,
  to be stronger than Ed’s,
  “I’ll be loving you 'til we're 90.”

Engagement photo
"on the tracks"
From the windy city was blown,
   what seemed a lost twin now grown.
As if sent by a gale,
   to the terra she fell,
   on the tracks he made her his own.

Later this day you will see,
  there stands this duke near the sea.
Sand twixt his toes,
   next to his rose,
   two, now one, before the Three.

Over the waves you hear their vows;
   their heart to the other espouse.
  By God above,
    in shared love,
     their lives are joined together now.

Something new’s formed as he takes her hand.
   born on the shore, like a castle of sand:
Though a fitting location,
  for a duke and his station,
       his bride and he on the Rock will stand.

Life’s like the tide that breaks on the coast,
  it can tear you apart, so hold on close.
As one before the mast,
  your hearts together lash,
    and cling to the One who loves you the most.

Hold fast to Christ and to each other,
  through every storm you then shall weather,
By your saviour,
   the soul’s anchor,
    you’ll have joy now that can last forever.

Friends gathered tonight at Brook Cherith,
  for an evening that we’ll always cherish.
Join me in my toast,
  to the Duke and his Rose,
    as we pray God's blessing on their marriage!

Everyone gathers for a slideshow with photos from the wedding

Now, the season is here,
when we always feel warm inside,
though we’re freezing off our ears.

I think I’m freaking out,
with people coming to our house in droves,
But “That’s okay,” she said,
“Is the cider on the stove?”

And the gang’s all here,
And there’s a party going on.

Tonight, the stars are so clear,
I can see ‘morrow stretch away from here,
But I don’t have any fear.

We have a house that smells like clove,
Because there’s cider on the stove.

And the gang’s all here,
By the fire’s dying light,
And it’s alright.

But home, It just ain’t the same,
when you’re only inside a picture frame
but this heart cannot be tamed.

For a few brief days,
the memories that we write,
come to life.

Good times around the camp fire!

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You really do have quite a talent with words, Andrew. That was a beautiful toast!